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Bridgette Raines Ride

Join us in the Annual Bridgette Raines Memorial Scholarship Ride

The first Sunday in June is a special day for all Dream Riders, it is set aside to honor Bridgette Raines. Bridgette was a very special young lady to the men and women who started Dream Riders. She was in an accident that involved a drunken driver, she became a quadriplegic because of this accident. She is why Dream Riders was founded. No one is ever prepared for a life changing accident, including the Raines family, that’s when Dream Riders stepped up and formed this organization to help this family and others like it.

Bridgette Raines Memorial Scholarship Ride


Bridgette passed away in September of 2003, Dream riders prepare this annual event to provide a scholarship for a deserving child. This event not only is a time of fellowship for all Dream Riders but a reminder of why we do what we do, and to always have a helping hand ready.

Come out and join us for food and fellowship and also the bike ride!!

Thank you for all you do !!





Ch H Katie Grace 2017 1
Presenting check to family from the benefit.

Our benefit for Katelin Grace was a huge success. It is truly one awesome feeling to know that just a few hours out of your day that is given freely can truly make a life long change in someone else’s life.

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 5Ch H Katie Grace 2017 6

Our day was hectic but all worth it.  We started out serving TACO’S IN A BAG. If you have never had this, you must try it. Take a small bag of Doritoes chips, cut the side of the bag (crush the chips first), add taco meat and cheese insert fork and you are done. Quick – one handed – fast – and GOOD!

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 2

The Church provided popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and a jumper for the kids to play on.

After lunch several bikes showed up to participate in the ride – the seemed to enjoy the 80 mile ride.. And when they came back they were ready for their plate of spaghetti.  Spaghetti that we patiently stood over and stirred noodles for being careful not to let any scorch.

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 3

After everyone enjoyed all the spaghetti they could handle, we had our auction. It was truly overwhelming at how people give out of the goodness of their hearts to complete strangers.  The biggest blessing was that Katelin Grace stayed through the whole event. She may be just sick kid to some people but to Chapter H, she is one strong, determined, and beautiful young lady!

So, at the end of the day, we are here as the same o’le Dream Rider Chapter H, just a group of friend from all walks of life that just want to lend a helping hand and a hand up.

Thank you for all you do.

Spaghetti Supper in Houston, MS with Chapter H

Spaghetti Supper Scholarship Fundraiser


Saturday April the 8th will be a busy day in Houston, MS not only is it Super Saturday, Chapter H will be holding a Spaghetti Meal as a fundraiser for Scholarships in the Chickasaw Co Schools.

For only $10.00 a plate you will get –

*spaghetti*slaw*roll*drink*& home-made dessert*

Scholarship Fundraiser
Spaghetti Meal Hosted by Chapter H, @ First United Methodist Church

We will be serving out of the Family Resource Center of First United Methodist Church @ 203 N Jackson St. Houston, MS.

We will be serving from 4pm – 7pm. Pre-paid orders will need to be picked up by 6pm to ensure you get served.

Come out and help us help others: our high school Seniors in their quest to further their education.

Thank you for all you do!

Dream Riders Chapter H


Redemption Day

Dream Riders Biking For Children Chapter H in conjunction with Redemption Day and Chase Ward will be hosting  the MOST AWESOME CAR – TRUCK – & MOTORCYCLE SHOW in North MS.

Ch H – motorcycle Show

This event will be held March 10th & 11th, 2017 @ Fairpark 71 Troy St. Tupelo Ms., right in downtown Tupelo.

Redemption Day

Redemption Day is one awesome car and truck show that offers a family oriented atmosphere to bring the  whole family to . No drinking – No drugs – just good family fun and food.

Redemption Day

Dream Riders motorcycle show  will be judged by KIDS choice & PEOPLES choice. So bring all bikes new or old – shinny or rusty – plain Jane or custom – we will have a place for you all..

Dream Riders will not only have the motorcycle show, we will also provide life size games for children and desserts, pop corn and goodies.

The only thing missing will be you!!!!!!!!!!!!

A portion of our proceeds will help LaBonheur Children’s Hospital


Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!



Blessings For Baby Tate

A community event to benefit the

William’s Family

Blessings for Baby Tate will be held March 4th  – from 11 AM to 7 PM @ Natchez Trace Harley Davidson.

Address to location is 595 U.S 72 Alt, Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Blessings For Baby Tate


For more info call Rachael Brown @ 256-436-1398

or for pick up of donated items Christy Simmons @ 256-436-5818

Thank you in advance for all you do!

This is not a Dream Rider event, but some will be attending !




Ch. C Bass Tournament

Casting for Kids, Bass Tournament

Come out to the Aberdeen Marina, March 4th, pick a partner and get to fishing…

Chapter C will be hosting this tournament to help raise money for special needs children, we provide monetary assistance for medical needs, supply medical assistive devices, and help the less fortunate children in our area.

Aberdeen Marina
Dream Riders Chapter C – Bass Tournament


Chapter B Eldridge, AL


Chapter B Christmas Child in Eldridge, AL

Chapter B showed up to Eldredge toy run with all kinds of gifts for a young lady by the name of Katelyn. She was very excited at the gifts she received and the time she spent with Chapter B.

Ch B Eldridge Toy Run 2016

Member of Chapter B want to Thank Every on that has had a helping hand in fund raising so they could make Christmas for this sweet angel possible….






Eldridge Free Will Baptist Children’s Home

Eldridge Free Will Baptist Children’s Home
Eldridge Children’s Home,in Eldridge Alabama, holds a very special place in the hearts to Dream Riders. We have been banning together for several years now to help raise money for a deserving organization.
At Christmas time each year the children are picked at random by volunteers who try their best to make Christmas more special than the last.
The ECH Benefit group organize the motorcycle toy run, bikers come from all around to participate.
Check out their web page
Alabama FWB
Eldridge Free Will Baptist Children’s Home
Eldridge Toy Run
Eldridge Children Home Benefit


3rd Grade GT Class fundraiser for Chapter H

3rd Grade GT Class Fundraiser

Dream Riders Chapter H was contacted by the teacher of the 3rd Grade GT Class and explained that she was wanting her class to do a fundraiser and she wanted it to be for a local organization that had ties to our community.

She wanted to know what was our stipulations, we told her we had none that we were just completely honored that they thought of us and wanted to help raise money for us.

Ch H GT class fundraiser 2

First, we had to go to the school for an interview with the class. They ask some very interesting questions about what we do, how we do it, how is it paid for,  why we do what we do, and many other questions. It was awesome to see their minds working and thinking about the fact that we do for others for no pay.

Ch H GT class fundraiser 4

On the day of the fundraiser the class went to the gym and had tables set up for “The Store” with goodies, toys, pencils, erasers, small toys , just all kinda stuff that only cost a quarter to fifty cents. 

Ch H GT class fundraiser 6

The GT class done a presentation to each class in the school about Dream Riders. They had their cue card wrote out and they would take turns speaking or holding the cue card when a different class came in. After the presentation the class got to go through “The Store” .

Ch H GT class fundraiser 3

The ones in Chapter H that got to attend the day of “The Store” and presentations were very blessed we got to talk to a lot of kids that didn’t know anything about us and teachers that didn’t know about us and tell them what we do and if they know of anyone in need that they can let us know.

Ch H GT class fundraiser

It was such a true heart warming blessing to spend that time with those kids. We plan on having a special day for them this spring before they get out of school, to show them our appreciation for all they did.

It’s always an awesome day to be a DREAM RIDER!!

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter H

Nov. 2016

Chapter H Stew Cooking Fundraiser

Chapter H Stew Cooking Fundraiser

In November we had our 3rd annual Stew Cooking Fundraiser. We cooked about 18 gallons of stew before hand. From the Sheriff of Chickasaw Co to good folks we didn’t even know, we had a great crowd come out and support us on this day.

Ch H stew cooking 2016 2

We sold out of stew within 2 hours, and still had people in line wanting some.

The support we get from our community is outstanding. It is a true honor knowing that we have people that believe in our mission and they don’t just look at us as just a bunch of bikers.

Ch H stew cooking 2016 4

At the end of the day it all comes full circle. The love of being a Dream Rider, the love of our community, the love of kids, and the love of our friends and family makes every day a great day to be a DREAM RIDER!!!

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter H

Nov. 2016

Chapter A & H helping Ronald McDonald house

Chapter A & H helping Ronald McDonald house

In November, Chapter A done their annual Ronald McDonald house supply run. They invited Chapter H to assist and be part of the action.

Ch A Ronald McDonald 2016 2
Chapter A & H shopping for supplies.

Once we finished shopping we carried the supplies straight to the Ronald McDonald house where they would be used and shared among the residents.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mississippi

It was explained to us that each family has 30 days @ the home and once the 30 days are up they have to leave to make room for the next family. They can also be put back on rotation as often as need be.

Ch A Ronald McDonald 2016 6
Lil Max – the cutest Dream Rider Ever

We were able to take a tour of the facilities. Each room was set up like a motel room, there was a community wash room, with detergent and all other needs provided. Also, each family had their on kitchen area with a stove, refrigerator, cabinets and sink. Then their is a community refrigerator that would store goodies from local churches and community groups.

There was also a dinning room and living rooms for the families to use. There are no TV’s in the individual rooms so that the families are encouraged to spend time together.

Ch A Ronald McDonald 2016
The Whole Group

It was a true eye opener to think about these families that need this support and how important Ronald McDonald is to families. It hit home thinking about how much we take for granite, when we have healthy kids.

We all look forward to next supply run, knowing we are lending a helping hand to those in need.

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter A & H

November 2016