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Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman MS

Sweet Potato Festival

Every year the first weekend in November there is a festival held in Vardaman Ms, it is usually a very big deal, celebrating the harvest of Mississippi Sweet Potatoes.

Dream Riders Chapter H was privileged enough to be able to go and set up to get our mission out to the people of Calhoun County. We have made so many friends and have new family members there as well, we have been very blessed.


making kidssmile
Sweet Potato festival, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H making kids smile.

Katlyn Grace has become one of our biggest fans and the best little sister we could have. If you remember we had a benefit for her several months back. She has come a long way and has an awesome story to tell.

Dream Riders Chapter H Tiny and Katlyn Grace
Best Buds


Another highlight of the day was meeting Mrs. Mississippi United States 2017, Marisa Lepard Farr,  she was excited about learning about Dream Riders and all we do. 


Sweet Potato Festivil, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H
Chapter H with Mrs. Mississippi 2017 Marisa Lepard Farr

It was defiantly a great day giving out lil goodies to the kids and informing new friends of what all we do.


Thank you for all you do!!!

Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H
New Friends with Smiling Faces




Chickasaw Co Development office ask Chapter H again to assist and help Houston PD with traffic and crowd controll for the anual Halloween Boo Bash held on the town square Oct 31, 2017. It is such a full filled time to get to see all the kids dressed up and having a great time.

Boo Bash fun times
Sponge Bob with his inmates

It is also a privaledge to get to assist the Houston Police Department. The men and wonen in the department have showed support to us on many occasions.

Boo Bash in Houston MS
Dressing up with the kids is always fun!
Chapter H - greeting kids and parents
Helping Hands – giving out candy to kids dressed up on Halloween is the best!!

Thank you to all that helped and supported us!!!

Thank you for all you do.



Dream Riders Biking For Children was honored when a friend of ours decided he wanted to do a fundraiser for us. Normally it is Chapter H doing all the work, but not this time.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie Pipkin and Rooster Gann Chap. H President

Robbie Pipkin is his name. He came to us and presented this event to us that he had done this as a fundraiser in the past and wanted to do it for Chapter H this time. His idea was simple, or so it seemed,  see Robbie is in a wheel chair, and he wanted to ride the Tangle Foot Trail from Houston Ms to New Albany MS and back – a total of 88 miles. Robbie was shot by a stranger when he was in his early 20’s, he has not let that slow him down or restrict him from accomplishing any goal he has.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie Pipkin talking to Chickasaw Journal Editor

The Tangle Foot Trail is an old rail-road bed that has been converted to a walking track. There were an obstacle or 2 to get passed before this event could be completed. Robbie’s plan was to do consecutive 88 miles but The Tangle Foot Trail has a curfew and no one can be on it after dark.  So he had to make different arrangements for the ride.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
making his way to finish the 88 miles

So, what he decided to do was, he was driven to New Albany about 3 am, then he hit the trail, so he could arrive back in Houston about 4pm.  And then do the same thing again the next day, completing the full 88 miles.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie in New Albany

It was not all smooth sailing for Robbie, on one pit stop he meet a man an woman on bicycles, the lady had a seizure, and fell off her bike, Robbie tried helping get her bike out of the ditch and hurt his hand really bad. As you can imagine the 2nd day of ride was not easy.  Robbie never complained about his hand and did not tell anyone about it (he didn’t want anyone feeling bad for him).  He went on to complete the full 88 miles in record time.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
3:00 AM @ New Albany

This just goes to show you that all it takes is determination to accomplish anything. No matter what adversities you face! 

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Almost there just a lil bit more

Dream Riders Biking For Children Chapter H is honored to have Robbie Pipkin in their corner lending us a helping hand so we can help other.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
end on 2nd day – 88 miles finished

Open Shoot and Competition with Chap. C

1st Annual Competition and Open Shoot!

ch c Aug 2017 9

August 26th, Chapter C hosted their first annual Open Shoot and Competition at Ground Zero and Tactics.

ch c Aug 2017 8

There were several competitors that should up and showed out, but the winners came down to Shannon Muse Long Range Rifle Competition Winner and Johnny Hancock Pistol Competition Winner!

ch c Aug 2017 7

We would love to have you plan to attend next year as we hope to be bigger and better. We could not do what we do without the support of the community. Our events help us get to know others better and also allow to tell you personally THANK YOU for participating.


1st Annual Competition and Open Shoot!
Congratulations Shannon Muse Long Range Rifle Competition Winner and Johnny Hancock Pistol Competition Winner!

Thank you again for all you do!




Ch H Katie Grace 2017 1
Presenting check to family from the benefit.

Our benefit for Katelin Grace was a huge success. It is truly one awesome feeling to know that just a few hours out of your day that is given freely can truly make a life long change in someone else’s life.

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 5Ch H Katie Grace 2017 6

Our day was hectic but all worth it.  We started out serving TACO’S IN A BAG. If you have never had this, you must try it. Take a small bag of Doritoes chips, cut the side of the bag (crush the chips first), add taco meat and cheese insert fork and you are done. Quick – one handed – fast – and GOOD!

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 2

The Church provided popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones and a jumper for the kids to play on.

After lunch several bikes showed up to participate in the ride – the seemed to enjoy the 80 mile ride.. And when they came back they were ready for their plate of spaghetti.  Spaghetti that we patiently stood over and stirred noodles for being careful not to let any scorch.

Ch H Katie Grace 2017 3

After everyone enjoyed all the spaghetti they could handle, we had our auction. It was truly overwhelming at how people give out of the goodness of their hearts to complete strangers.  The biggest blessing was that Katelin Grace stayed through the whole event. She may be just sick kid to some people but to Chapter H, she is one strong, determined, and beautiful young lady!

So, at the end of the day, we are here as the same o’le Dream Rider Chapter H, just a group of friend from all walks of life that just want to lend a helping hand and a hand up.

Thank you for all you do.

Some times it’s tough…

Some times it’s tough being a Dream Rider.  This week we had the honor of standing guard as family left the Funeral Home heading to the Cemetery.  Lil Oliver never saw the light of day, his mother was only 8 months pregnant when she began hurting and knew something was wrong.  When she got to the hospital it was to late.  The doctors had to deliver the bad news that her precious angel was no longer living.

After hours of agonizing labor, the terrified mother delivered a beautiful 4 lb  baby boy.  On the outside he was tiny but perfect.  There will be many sleepless nights for this mother wondering “why”.   But all of God’s glory and time he will have answers for her that no one but her can understand.

The very next day we were asked to escort the funeral procession of a 9 year old angel from the church where they had her farewell goodbys, to the cemetery where her lil body was laid to rest. 

9 year old Anna Carol had a surgery that took a good bit of intestine and bowel.  Scar tissue had wrapped severely around her intestine. the doctors had to leave her intestine out of her body to heal.  Her liver and kidneys were in the process of shutting down it was so severe.  Only a few hours after the surgery she passed away.  Her family, friends, class mates, cheer leader squad mates, teachers, preachers, and Dream Riders all shed tears of sorrow for the family’s loss.

But you can bet it was a true honor and privilege to stand with these families and comfort them in the best way we know how and that’s through love , support, and kindness.  We, Dream Riders wouldn’t want that any other way.

Sometimes it may be tough being a Dream Rider, but it sure is rewarding to the heart and soul.