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Spaghetti Scolarship Super

Dream Rider’s Chapter H held there annual spaghetti meal back in April as a fundraiser for our scholarships. We lost a great member of our group a few months ago so we decided to change the name to the “Roundman” Clay Nabors Scholarship Fund. Our group was blessed to have a great turnout for this event.

One big family
One big family

Not only did the community show up, our family showed out with homemade desserts.

Ant and Combo
Ant and Combo
Batman, Batgirl, JohnnyB ,Ant
Batman, Batgirl, JohnnyB ,Ant

As a group we decided to give only 1 scholarship away for $1000.00 .. our benefit meal went so well that we met again and voted to give 2. It is such an awesome feeling to know our hard work when to help kids that are thriving in society and wants to further their education.

Tribute to ROUNDMAN
Tribute to ROUNDMAN

Thank you for all you do!!
Dream Riders Chapter H

Stew For A Cause, Chapter H, Houston MS

Stew For A Cause

For three years now, in November, we have hosted a stew cooking fundraiser. Houston Fire Department is very gracious in letting us use their facility, being right off the square in Houston makes it very convenient. 

Stew For a Cause, Chapter H,
We even sold it by the gallon

It takes a lot of time making about 30 gallons of stew, but it is well worth the time to raise money to help kids that may not have a Christmas this year.

Stew For aCause, Chapter H
Blessed to have Friends That come and support us.


Since our first year of hosting the stew cooking, we decided to set this money aside to help with Christmas for local families in need. We all know that whether you get a Christmas gift or not is not a necessity, but the community we serve is so loyal in coming together to help us put smiles on those kids faces, simply because we love the kids of our community. 

Stew For aCause, Chapter H
Blessed to have Friends That come and support us.

We had friends come from out of town just to get a bowl of stew and also other Dream Rider members took the ride down to spend the day with us.

Stew for A Cause, Chapter H
Our little sister “SunShine” brings a smile to all of us and loves to be a helper.
Stew For A Cause
Our little sister “SunShine” brings a smile to all of us and loves to be a helper.








Our new Sister “Sunshine” Katlyn Grace also showed up to lend a helping hand. She always brings such joy to all of us. She has overcome some huge obstacles in her short little life but wants to come help us anytime she can.


Stew For A Cause, Chapter H
SunShine may be little in stature but huge in love.



Stew For A Cause, Chapter H
Our little sister “SunShine” brings a smile to all of us and loves to be a helper.




Chickasaw Co Development office ask Chapter H again to assist and help Houston PD with traffic and crowd controll for the anual Halloween Boo Bash held on the town square Oct 31, 2017. It is such a full filled time to get to see all the kids dressed up and having a great time.

Boo Bash fun times
Sponge Bob with his inmates

It is also a privaledge to get to assist the Houston Police Department. The men and wonen in the department have showed support to us on many occasions.

Boo Bash in Houston MS
Dressing up with the kids is always fun!
Chapter H - greeting kids and parents
Helping Hands – giving out candy to kids dressed up on Halloween is the best!!

Thank you to all that helped and supported us!!!

Thank you for all you do.

Chapter H and Cruz’in in Houston MS

Chapter H Bike Showand Cruz’in Antique Car Show

We were invited once again to host a bike show along side the Cruz’in Car Show.  For the second year it has been held at the court square in our quaint little town . We have a beautiful court house and enjoy having events there. 

Chap H  bike show
Trying out a new bike!

There is just something about being from a small town and knowing so many friendly folks. The Car show was started by a friend of ours Allen Moore a pharmacist from the area. His idea was to host the car show with a free registration, grill hotdogs give them out for free, what ever was done he wanted it to be a free event to the public so friends and family could have something to be proud of attending.



Chap H Bike Show
Chapter H Bike Show






Dream Riders Chapter H was invited to participate with a Bike Show, and it has proven to be a success every year.  We try to get really cool trophies, something a biker would be proud to show off. There is a best in show and a kids choice. We try to make it interactive for the kids, so for a child to vote they have to actually hang a smiley face tag on the bike mirror.

Bike Show, Houston MS
KIDS CHOICE winner in Chapter H Bike Sow
Best in Show @ Houston MS Cruz'in and Bike Show
Chapter H Bike Show winner – Best in Show

We usually have a pretty good day.. giving  away free popcorn, toys and usually a prize from a drawing.


Thank you to all who came out and participated, to help make this a success,





Dream Riders Biking For Children was honored when a friend of ours decided he wanted to do a fundraiser for us. Normally it is Chapter H doing all the work, but not this time.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie Pipkin and Rooster Gann Chap. H President

Robbie Pipkin is his name. He came to us and presented this event to us that he had done this as a fundraiser in the past and wanted to do it for Chapter H this time. His idea was simple, or so it seemed,  see Robbie is in a wheel chair, and he wanted to ride the Tangle Foot Trail from Houston Ms to New Albany MS and back – a total of 88 miles. Robbie was shot by a stranger when he was in his early 20’s, he has not let that slow him down or restrict him from accomplishing any goal he has.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie Pipkin talking to Chickasaw Journal Editor

The Tangle Foot Trail is an old rail-road bed that has been converted to a walking track. There were an obstacle or 2 to get passed before this event could be completed. Robbie’s plan was to do consecutive 88 miles but The Tangle Foot Trail has a curfew and no one can be on it after dark.  So he had to make different arrangements for the ride.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
making his way to finish the 88 miles

So, what he decided to do was, he was driven to New Albany about 3 am, then he hit the trail, so he could arrive back in Houston about 4pm.  And then do the same thing again the next day, completing the full 88 miles.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Robbie in New Albany

It was not all smooth sailing for Robbie, on one pit stop he meet a man an woman on bicycles, the lady had a seizure, and fell off her bike, Robbie tried helping get her bike out of the ditch and hurt his hand really bad. As you can imagine the 2nd day of ride was not easy.  Robbie never complained about his hand and did not tell anyone about it (he didn’t want anyone feeling bad for him).  He went on to complete the full 88 miles in record time.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
3:00 AM @ New Albany

This just goes to show you that all it takes is determination to accomplish anything. No matter what adversities you face! 

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
Almost there just a lil bit more

Dream Riders Biking For Children Chapter H is honored to have Robbie Pipkin in their corner lending us a helping hand so we can help other.

Tangle Foot Trail Ride
end on 2nd day – 88 miles finished

Community Service

Chapter H and Pre-School K-4

Dream Riders Biking For Children, Chap. H was invited to speak about community service. Vardaman, MS K-4 class have been learning about how important  community workers are to the public.

ch h vardaman 2017 4
K-4 class @ Vardaman Elementary School

We were able to share with the class that not every community  server is paid to do the things they do. We are all volunteers and the only compensation we ever consider accepting is all the smiles on the kids faces when we are out and about or at an event.

There is no doubt  about it, Children are our future.. So much potential and so much talent is sitting right here in our local schools, attending our local churches and other events. Never turn down an opportunity to simply ask a child “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP”.

Also, a huge shout out to all of the teachers that spend their days with our kids and grand kids. Yes, they get paid to do their job but most go above and beyond what their duties call for.. and we “THANK YOU” for that.

And thank you for all you do… if not for you all this would not be possible.

Chapter H Fundraiser

Houston MS, that is where it is happening @ – this Saturday Oct. 7th @ Wal-Mart on Hwy 8 E


Dream Riders Biking For Children Chapter H will be set up in Houston Ms, this Saturday, FOR DONATIONS ONLY, we will be serving:

Hamburgers (with all the trimmings) Chips & Drink

Hot Dogs (with all the trimmings) Chips & Drink

BBQ sandwiches (with or without slaw) Chips & Drink

Chapter H
Chapter H Fundraiser

Come by and see us and get a fresh cooked, hot meal. Rain or Shine we will be there.

There will be free entry to all kids for a 2 hour play @ TOPPER ZONE that ALL kids can registrar for.

Thank you for all you do .. if not for the support of the community we could not pull together and lend a helping hand to those in need!


Spending time with Kindergarten Classes

​Dream Riders Chapter H had a great time visiting with the kindergarten class in Houston MS . 

Helping teachers  @ Houston Elelmarty School
Chap. H lending a helping to hand to the teachers @ Houston Elementary School.

Dream Riders Chapter H donated supplies to the awesome hard working teachers today so they can be better equipped to teach our future leaders of tomorrow  


………THANK YOU  from Dream Riders Chapter H to all teachers for the work u do …… ITS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS !!!!

Helping teachers  @ Houston Elelmarty School
Chap. H lending a helping to hand to the teachers @ Houston Elementary School.
Helping teachers  @ Houston Elelmarty School
Chap. H lending a helping to hand to the teachers @ Houston Elementary School.

Thank you for all you do. If it wasn’t for the support of the community we could not do the things we do … 

Spaghetti Supper in Houston, MS with Chapter H

Spaghetti Supper Scholarship Fundraiser


Saturday April the 8th will be a busy day in Houston, MS not only is it Super Saturday, Chapter H will be holding a Spaghetti Meal as a fundraiser for Scholarships in the Chickasaw Co Schools.

For only $10.00 a plate you will get –

*spaghetti*slaw*roll*drink*& home-made dessert*

Scholarship Fundraiser
Spaghetti Meal Hosted by Chapter H, @ First United Methodist Church

We will be serving out of the Family Resource Center of First United Methodist Church @ 203 N Jackson St. Houston, MS.

We will be serving from 4pm – 7pm. Pre-paid orders will need to be picked up by 6pm to ensure you get served.

Come out and help us help others: our high school Seniors in their quest to further their education.

Thank you for all you do!

Dream Riders Chapter H

3rd Grade GT Class fundraiser for Chapter H

3rd Grade GT Class Fundraiser

Dream Riders Chapter H was contacted by the teacher of the 3rd Grade GT Class and explained that she was wanting her class to do a fundraiser and she wanted it to be for a local organization that had ties to our community.

She wanted to know what was our stipulations, we told her we had none that we were just completely honored that they thought of us and wanted to help raise money for us.

Ch H GT class fundraiser 2

First, we had to go to the school for an interview with the class. They ask some very interesting questions about what we do, how we do it, how is it paid for,  why we do what we do, and many other questions. It was awesome to see their minds working and thinking about the fact that we do for others for no pay.

Ch H GT class fundraiser 4

On the day of the fundraiser the class went to the gym and had tables set up for “The Store” with goodies, toys, pencils, erasers, small toys , just all kinda stuff that only cost a quarter to fifty cents. 

Ch H GT class fundraiser 6

The GT class done a presentation to each class in the school about Dream Riders. They had their cue card wrote out and they would take turns speaking or holding the cue card when a different class came in. After the presentation the class got to go through “The Store” .

Ch H GT class fundraiser 3

The ones in Chapter H that got to attend the day of “The Store” and presentations were very blessed we got to talk to a lot of kids that didn’t know anything about us and teachers that didn’t know about us and tell them what we do and if they know of anyone in need that they can let us know.

Ch H GT class fundraiser

It was such a true heart warming blessing to spend that time with those kids. We plan on having a special day for them this spring before they get out of school, to show them our appreciation for all they did.

It’s always an awesome day to be a DREAM RIDER!!

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter H

Nov. 2016

Chapter H Stew Cooking Fundraiser

Chapter H Stew Cooking Fundraiser

In November we had our 3rd annual Stew Cooking Fundraiser. We cooked about 18 gallons of stew before hand. From the Sheriff of Chickasaw Co to good folks we didn’t even know, we had a great crowd come out and support us on this day.

Ch H stew cooking 2016 2

We sold out of stew within 2 hours, and still had people in line wanting some.

The support we get from our community is outstanding. It is a true honor knowing that we have people that believe in our mission and they don’t just look at us as just a bunch of bikers.

Ch H stew cooking 2016 4

At the end of the day it all comes full circle. The love of being a Dream Rider, the love of our community, the love of kids, and the love of our friends and family makes every day a great day to be a DREAM RIDER!!!

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter H

Nov. 2016

Chapter H – Boo Bash Houston, MS

Chapter H – Boo Bash

Chapter H had the privilege to see all the little kids take their walk around the square in Houston, MS in all their cute and scary costumes.

It was a huge turn out this year and we look forward to next year.

We already have a photo booth in the plans for next year, with a contest for the kids attached.

It’s always a great day to be a Dream Rider when you get to hand out candy and laugh with the kids..

Thank you for all you do!

Chapter H, Houston, MS

Oct. 2016

Trike-A-Thon St. Jude Fundraiser

First Baptist Fund Raiser

Dream Riders Chapter H, had the pleasure once again to help with the fundraiser for Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude, and helped supervise all the fun.

The kids were having a blast riding circles around us adults, many of them pretending to be on motorcycles.

After the Trike-A-Thon the kids had a field day trip to the local pumpkin patch,  we escorted their bus and hung around and played games with them.

It’s always an amazing day to be a DREAM RIDER!!!

Special Needs Day, Houston Agri Center, Ch. H

Dream Riders was once again invited to help and participate in the 2016 Special Needs Day.

October 21st was the Fall Fun Day for the Special Needs Children of Chickasaw Co. For years now Mrs. Jo Cross has headed this event up to provide a fun atmosphere for those that are limited in what and how they do. It has been an honor to assist in the event, it doesn’t take long for these children to steal your heart.  Some remember us from year to year and some are just so excited to be there and play games and win prizes that is all they can think of.

To all those that have allowed us to get to know your children – we Thank You.

And to those that put on these events that we get the privilege to participate in – we Thank You

And to those Children that steal our hearts – we Thank You!

Dream Rider Ch H




Another successful fundraiser 

dreamrider.solarcar (12)
Chapter H with some of the Sundancer kids

August 13th, it all happened .. we had the best time. It was hot, it was rainy, we were busy, it was hectic, but it was all worth it.

dreamrider.solarcar (14)
Sundancer’s took pics with kids that liked the car.
dreamrider.solarcar (4)
Motorcycles and Solar Cars

Once we got set up, the Sundancer’s started showing up. They were all extremely knowledgeable about everything that had to do with their solar car. They could tell you how much the car weighed, how far it would travel depending on the speed it was traveling at, and everything in between. Their teacher also came to support them. We found out from the teacher that this is a student driven program, meaning when they go to compete in a competition they can have no contact with their teacher or they get disqualified. Those kids have to know that car inside and out from top to bottom.

dreamrider.solarcar (17)
Everyone admired the car.

The kids were very well mannered,kind and respectful.  It was such an honor to be able to do something to help them continue on with their goals for their future and the continual future of the Sundancer Solar Car teams.

dreamrider.solarcar (5)
We all stayed busy.

It’s always such an honor doing an event in the community. Getting out an talking to people and telling them what we do And being able to show them how much we love what we do is such an awesome feeling. Being blessed with such a very supportive community makes it all the more better.

dreamrider.solarcar (16)
We even provided drive through service.
dreamrider.solarcar (9)
Big grill cooked a lot of Hamburgers.
Everyone stayed busy.

And at the end of the day it was all worth it, not only did we what we could to help the Sundancer Team , got our Dream Rider bumper sticker on the car with the possibility to travel all over the world!

dreamrider.solarcar (10)
Dream Riders Sticker will be all over the world now.