Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman MS

Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman MS

Sweet Potato Festival

Every year the first weekend in November there is a festival held in Vardaman Ms, it is usually a very big deal, celebrating the harvest of Mississippi Sweet Potatoes.

Dream Riders Chapter H was privileged enough to be able to go and set up to get our mission out to the people of Calhoun County. We have made so many friends and have new family members there as well, we have been very blessed.


making kidssmile
Sweet Potato festival, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H making kids smile.

Katlyn Grace has become one of our biggest fans and the best little sister we could have. If you remember we had a benefit for her several months back. She has come a long way and has an awesome story to tell.

Dream Riders Chapter H Tiny and Katlyn Grace
Best Buds


Another highlight of the day was meeting Mrs. Mississippi United States 2017, Marisa Lepard Farr,  she was excited about learning about Dream Riders and all we do. 


Sweet Potato Festivil, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H
Chapter H with Mrs. Mississippi 2017 Marisa Lepard Farr

It was defiantly a great day giving out lil goodies to the kids and informing new friends of what all we do.


Thank you for all you do!!!

Sweet Potato Festival, Vardaman MS, with Chapter H
New Friends with Smiling Faces


Dream Riders Biking For Children is a non-profit organization that is 100% committed to helping kids in need with medical needs that the family is struggling to provide. We concentrate our helping hands on children from the ages of 0-18. Our assistance can vary from building wheel chair ramps, helping with meds, and/or fund raisers to help with bills.