Katelin Grace Stone’s BIG day!
SunShine may be little in statue but huge in love.

Katelin Grace Stone’s BIG day!

Katey Grace had big news

If you remember we meet Katelin Grace back in April 2017. Chapter  H met with her parents to find out to what extent we could help, if they needed help, what they felt was the most important need that Katelin had, and what was the most important need of the family as a whole, because they did have 3 other children to consider also.


Chapter H teamed up with the church congregation and organized an auction and spaghetti super. Before the actual super, we spent the whole day at the church and provided “Tacos in a bag” , cotton candy and popcorn.


Katelin Grace was diagnosed with many different issues that I am not even going to try to mention. She eventually lost all of her hair and spent many, many, many nights in St. Judes hospital in Memphis TN.  Her family spent many night in the Ronald McDonald House, which is one amazing organization all on it’s on.


Back in the summer of 2017 Katelin and her family were told that she had only a few weeks to live. Of course the strong faith in God and belief that she would be comforted, they never slacked up on her meds or prayers. No one else ceased to pray either.


As of December 2017, Katelin Grace made the announcement the she now cancer free. What a celebration that day was when she announced to wonderful news. She stood before the congregation that continued to pray for her and her brothers and sisters in Dream Riders and announced it to the world.


Katelin Grace still has issues to deal with and will probably have those for a very long time, but now she was able to go to school, she was able to do some things that any other child her age would get to do.


We are so blessed to call Katelin Grace our sister “SUNSHINE”, and has warmed our hearts as she wants to pay, the kindness showed to her,   forward. She has attended some of our events and lent a helping hand, and continues to bring a smile to everyone’s face.





Dream Riders Biking For Children is a non-profit organization that is 100% committed to helping kids in need with medical needs that the family is struggling to provide. We concentrate our helping hands on children from the ages of 0-18. Our assistance can vary from building wheel chair ramps, helping with meds, and/or fund raisers to help with bills.