Day @ the Lake was a Blast

The Day @ The Lake was a Blast

July 23, 2016, was a WET day! If the rain didn’t get you then someone with a water gun did,lol.

2016 D.A.L.17
Dream Rider Train!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 D.A.L.57
Chapter A Banner
2016 D.A.L.41
Kids & Water… perfect combination!!!!!!

I’m not sure if anyone got an actual head count on the kids, but I would venture to say at least 60 or more. Boys and girls were there from all over the state.

2016 D.A.L.84
Waiting in Line!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 D.A.L.81
Beautiful Smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We would like to thank everyone that made this day possible. Family Bounce, Sardis Lake Fire Dept., Hardee’s , Pope Country Cafe, Mississippi Fish and Wild Life, Air Evac, Batesville Police Dept Dare officers, Panola County Sheriff Dept Dare officers, BSA Troop 478, and CMA.

2016 D.A.L.40
Batesville Police Department
2016 D.A.L.21
DARE program
2016 D.A.L.63
Boys and Girls Club
2016 D.A.L.89
Local Fire Department

Every Chapter was represented, and pitched in to help provide a hot meal for everyone. Afterwards we enjoyed some watermelon and deserts.

2016 D.A.L.13
Hanging out!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2016 D.A.L.64
She really didn’t want to get
2016 D.A.L.45
Waiting on a hot dog…

So many individuals pulled together to make this year another success for the record books. So many times we are all pulled in our separate ways, but this one day it is the biggest family reunion imaginable.

2016 D.A.L.12
Everybody loves a bouncy house!!!!!!!

2016 D.A.L.62



Dream Riders Biking For Children is a non-profit organization that is 100% committed to helping kids in need with medical needs that the family is struggling to provide. We concentrate our helping hands on children from the ages of 0-18. Our assistance can vary from building wheel chair ramps, helping with meds, and/or fund raisers to help with bills.