Cruzin’ Houston

Was a success!!!

We had numerous bikes show up for the bike show.. Our contestants were excited about the trophies we had to give out..

The highlight of the event was that we had partnered with the local pre-kindergardeners and they colored paper plates that were tied with string, and the children that came to the show got to pick a plate to hang on the mirror of the bike of their choice. The winners were able to carry the plates with them also as a souvenir.


We also had our drawing to give away  a YETI cooler. We gave away 2 family passes to the Buffalo Park and Zoo in Tupelo MS. We had a  lot of happy people by the end of the show!

What makes our events even more special is, we have children show up that want to help us out, they want to help give away goodies, balloons, and just hang out with us because we never make them feel like they are in the way, we treat them like they are part of us!

It is always an amazing day to be a DREAM RIDER!!!!!



Come join us Saturday, October 22nd for the Cruzin’ Houston and Dream Riders Motorcycle Show.

Cruzin’ Houston will be hosting the CAR & TRUCK show. Open to all kinds new and old.  This show has grown every year and has proven a great  way to spend a day with family and friends.

Allen Mohr is heading up the car and truck show, if you have any questions and want to come be apart of this event you can give him a call @ 662-794-0169

Cruzin' Houston
Cruzin’ Houston Car and Truck show

Dream Riders Chapter H will be hosting the MOTORCYCLE SHOW – this is a show for EVERY BIKE!


Our 2 awards will be “KIDS CHOICE” & “PEOPLE’S CHOICE”

She can have all the chrome you can afford or all the rust you don’t want. Bring her and show her off.

Dream Riders will be selling $1.00 chances on a YETTI 35 quart cooler,  and  free registration  for kids for a Buffalo Park Family Pack, they will both  be given away at the show.

Cruzin' Houston
Bike Show – Prizes – Give Aways

We can’t wait to see you there.










Wheel Chair Ramp for a Young Man

September 2016

Chapter A showed up to help provide a much needed wheel chair ramp for a young man in need.

Ch A Sept 16 (9)
Wheel chair ramp for a deserving young man.

Words just can’t describe the joy it brings to know that you can step out and help someone so deserving so that his life can be made just a little more comfortable and easier than the day  before.Ch A Sept 16 (7)

Axel Memorial Scholarship Ride

Saturday, Oct 8th, 2016 is the date set for the 2nd annual  Axel Memorial Ride. It will be help at the City Park in Red Bay, AL. All Proceeds go toward Scholarships to local needy kids.

Cost for participating in the ride is $20.00 a bike.

Registration starts @ 9 AM

Bike show will be from 10 – 11 AM

Kick stands up for short ride will be a 11 AM

Axle Memorial Scholarship Bike Show and Ride
Axle Memorial Scholarship Bike Show and Ride


Last year we had 2 participants to work toward the scholarship and achieve it.

Alel Memorial Scholarship Ride
Scholarship winner of Chapter D’s Scholarship program

Come join us for all the fun and fellowship.

Lunch will be provided for those that register.

We hope to see you all there!


Another successful fundraiser 

dreamrider.solarcar (12)
Chapter H with some of the Sundancer kids

August 13th, it all happened .. we had the best time. It was hot, it was rainy, we were busy, it was hectic, but it was all worth it.

dreamrider.solarcar (14)
Sundancer’s took pics with kids that liked the car.
dreamrider.solarcar (4)
Motorcycles and Solar Cars

Once we got set up, the Sundancer’s started showing up. They were all extremely knowledgeable about everything that had to do with their solar car. They could tell you how much the car weighed, how far it would travel depending on the speed it was traveling at, and everything in between. Their teacher also came to support them. We found out from the teacher that this is a student driven program, meaning when they go to compete in a competition they can have no contact with their teacher or they get disqualified. Those kids have to know that car inside and out from top to bottom.

dreamrider.solarcar (17)
Everyone admired the car.

The kids were very well mannered,kind and respectful.  It was such an honor to be able to do something to help them continue on with their goals for their future and the continual future of the Sundancer Solar Car teams.

dreamrider.solarcar (5)
We all stayed busy.

It’s always such an honor doing an event in the community. Getting out an talking to people and telling them what we do And being able to show them how much we love what we do is such an awesome feeling. Being blessed with such a very supportive community makes it all the more better.

dreamrider.solarcar (16)
We even provided drive through service.
dreamrider.solarcar (9)
Big grill cooked a lot of Hamburgers.
Everyone stayed busy.

And at the end of the day it was all worth it, not only did we what we could to help the Sundancer Team , got our Dream Rider bumper sticker on the car with the possibility to travel all over the world!

dreamrider.solarcar (10)
Dream Riders Sticker will be all over the world now.

Houston Solar Race Team fundraiser

Houston Solar Car Race Team Fundraiser


Houston, Ms is so proud to be home of the Solar Car Team of Houston High School.  They have been part of many competitions (Solar Car Challenge) and won many awards all over the world. The longest distance traveled was the Australia.

SunDancer Solar Car Fundraiser
SunDancer Solar Car Fundraiser

Dream Riders Chapter H will be hosting a fundraiser for this great group of kids on August 13th, 2016. We will be set up at our local Walmart in Houston, MS 660 E Madison St (Hwy 8 East). Plans are to have the Solar Car there with us along with some of the kids..

We hope everyone can come out and join us for a grilled hamburger,

and take the time to meet some of these SUPER STARS from Houston Solar Race Team.


Day @ the Lake was a Blast

The Day @ The Lake was a Blast

July 23, 2016, was a WET day! If the rain didn’t get you then someone with a water gun did,lol.

2016 D.A.L.17
Dream Rider Train!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 D.A.L.57
Chapter A Banner
2016 D.A.L.41
Kids & Water… perfect combination!!!!!!

I’m not sure if anyone got an actual head count on the kids, but I would venture to say at least 60 or more. Boys and girls were there from all over the state.

2016 D.A.L.84
Waiting in Line!!!!!!!!!!!
2016 D.A.L.81
Beautiful Smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We would like to thank everyone that made this day possible. Family Bounce, Sardis Lake Fire Dept., Hardee’s , Pope Country Cafe, Mississippi Fish and Wild Life, Air Evac, Batesville Police Dept Dare officers, Panola County Sheriff Dept Dare officers, BSA Troop 478, and CMA.

2016 D.A.L.40
Batesville Police Department
2016 D.A.L.21
DARE program
2016 D.A.L.63
Boys and Girls Club
2016 D.A.L.89
Local Fire Department

Every Chapter was represented, and pitched in to help provide a hot meal for everyone. Afterwards we enjoyed some watermelon and deserts.

2016 D.A.L.13
Hanging out!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2016 D.A.L.64
She really didn’t want to get
2016 D.A.L.45
Waiting on a hot dog…

So many individuals pulled together to make this year another success for the record books. So many times we are all pulled in our separate ways, but this one day it is the biggest family reunion imaginable.

2016 D.A.L.12
Everybody loves a bouncy house!!!!!!!

2016 D.A.L.62


Day @ the Lake

Day @ the Lake

July 23rd, Dream Riders will be celebrating another year of fellowship and fun @ Sardis Lake. There will be fire trucks spaying the kids “and adults” with water.  Water Guns will be also be available along with watermelon, food and bouncy slides.
Open to friends and family of Dream Riders that we have helped in the past and to those that want to be part of the Dream Rider family.

Enjoy our pics from last year cause we look forward to posting lots of new pics from this year…,

Thanks for reading


Beloved Brother Gone But Not Forgotten

James Arthur Holland aka “Crash”

James Arthur "Crash" Holland
James Arthur “Crash” Holland

Dream Riders lost a beloved Brother James Arthur Holland “Crash” to cancer June 28th 2016.

Crash was Vice-President of Chapter E out of Melbourne, Ar.

He will be greatly missed by friends, family and all of his Dream Riders family.

Clear Creak Coach
Clear Creak Coach

Craw-fish Boil in Hardy, AR

Craw-Fish Boil, Hardy, AR 2016June 26th, 2016. It was hot let me tell you…

Hardy, AR, Griffin Park was the pace to be. Chapter H from Houston, MS met up with Chapter I, from Flippin, AR and E, from Melbourne, AR, we all met up and worked together to do the best we could at cooking those “mud-bugs”.  They turned out great!..

It was a lot of fun getting to fellowship with friends that live so far away. It is also an awesome feeling knowing there are so many of us that pull together as 1 big family. The support from the community was just amazing. Most of the visitors where out-of-towner’s also but when word got around that “Dream Riders” where there, well the support was amazing…

Thank you my Arkansas friends for letting us be a part of and awesome day

Submitted by: Chapter H

Some times it’s tough…

Some times it’s tough being a Dream Rider.  This week we had the honor of standing guard as family left the Funeral Home heading to the Cemetery.  Lil Oliver never saw the light of day, his mother was only 8 months pregnant when she began hurting and knew something was wrong.  When she got to the hospital it was to late.  The doctors had to deliver the bad news that her precious angel was no longer living.

After hours of agonizing labor, the terrified mother delivered a beautiful 4 lb  baby boy.  On the outside he was tiny but perfect.  There will be many sleepless nights for this mother wondering “why”.   But all of God’s glory and time he will have answers for her that no one but her can understand.

The very next day we were asked to escort the funeral procession of a 9 year old angel from the church where they had her farewell goodbys, to the cemetery where her lil body was laid to rest. 

9 year old Anna Carol had a surgery that took a good bit of intestine and bowel.  Scar tissue had wrapped severely around her intestine. the doctors had to leave her intestine out of her body to heal.  Her liver and kidneys were in the process of shutting down it was so severe.  Only a few hours after the surgery she passed away.  Her family, friends, class mates, cheer leader squad mates, teachers, preachers, and Dream Riders all shed tears of sorrow for the family’s loss.

But you can bet it was a true honor and privilege to stand with these families and comfort them in the best way we know how and that’s through love , support, and kindness.  We, Dream Riders wouldn’t want that any other way.

Sometimes it may be tough being a Dream Rider, but it sure is rewarding to the heart and soul.

It’s All About the Kids.