We are the Dream Riders Biking for Children, who are a group of folks from your hometown. We may already be your friend, family or some of us you may not know. Our love of riding motorcycles and helping children in need made us part of the Dream Rider family. Dream Riders Biking for Children was established December 4, 1997 by Johnny (1955-2015) and Toni Holloway, who wanted to help, Bridgette Rains, a little girl who had been left a quadriplegic because of a automobile accident involving a drunk driver. So Johnny and Toni formed a group of kind hearted motorcyclist from and around Water Valley MS. to complete their mission. On September 7, 2003 we lost Bridgette, but still to this day give a scholarship to a needy child in Bridgette’s name. The Dream Riders have grown since then and are in 3 states helping children. Making a difference for children who cannot help them self and bring a voice to be heard for children in need. So when you see a group of bikers heading down the highway just look for the DREAM RIDER LOGO and know that they are on a mission to help a child somewhere. All donations are greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM.

Dream Riders Biking For Children
My wife, Toni and I are actively involved in various fund-raising benefits for children. In December of 1997,we founded a non profit organization called Dream Riders Biking For Children. We are a group of bikers who simply enjoy getting together and riding. We have joined together to either raise money for a child in need, due to tragedy, or to bring Christmas to children who may not otherwise have a Christmas.
Please take a moment to view the Dream Riders Biking For Children web site, and see a few of the things this dedicated organization has been able to accomplish when a group of people unites together for one cause.

The DREAM RIDERS sponsor and support many causes such as:

Angel Tree
FWB Children’s Homehttp://www.fwbhome.org/
The Bridgette Raines Run
The Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch
Regional Rehabilitation Center – Tupelo

We support many more causes and are adding new events continually as we learn of a need. The important thing is we are there to help and support.